Within the scripture is found the progress of Doctrine. It’s where truths or teachings start in Genesis or other early scriptures and are found to have a recurring mention and a developing build up through the Bible. The doctrine of the Lamb is one such. Let’s take a look.

First. In Genesis ch4 there is the account of Abel and his lamb – emphasis on the necessity of the Lamb.

Second. In Genesis 22 there is the incident where Abraham offers the Lamb in place of Isaac – emphasis on God’s provision of the Lamb.

Third. In Exodus 12 there is the Passover Lamb slain on the night before the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt – emphasis is on the slaying of the Lamb.

Fourth. In the book of Leviticus there is the sin offering Lamb which the Israelites offered on the altar of sacrifice outside the Tabernacle – emphasis in chapter 16 is on the Character of the Lamb, ‘without blemish’, perfect which gives the blood it’s atoning virtue, to be accepted.

Fifth. In the book of Isaiah chapter 53 there is the Suffering Lamb on whom Jehovah laid the iniquity of us all. Reading the whole chapter and considering it we see developing Revelation of the Lamb.’He was wounded for our transgressions. He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter ‘, vs7, Yes the Lamb is revealed as a Person.

Sixth. In the gospel of John ch1vs29 John the Baptist announces Jesus and says ‘Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world’. Emphasis here is the Identity of the Lamb who was typified in the previous scriptures. Jesus is the Lamb.

Seventh. In the book of Acts ch8 there is the incident of the Ethiopian official traveling in his chariot on the Gaza road from Jerusalem and reading about the Lamb in Isaiah 53, Philip explained that the sacrificial Lamb is Jesus the Messiah. The Ethiopian said, he believed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Here the Lamb of God is further Revealed as the Promised Christ, the Son of God.The Lamb is the Son of God.

Eighth. In the book of 1st Peter ch1 vs18-21 we have pivotal passage, read and digest it see the linkage to the previous paragraphs but notice verse 21 the Resurrection of the Lamb, not revealed in old testament times. Faith in the Lamb is crowned with new hope. The Lamb is resurrected. What of the resurrected Lamb and the future?

Ninth. In the book of Revelation ch5 there is the vision which dramatises the resurrected Lamb in heaven, (see particularly vs6 & 8). Worship of the Lamb of God. So we see here the Enthronement of the Lamb. What does that mean for the future?

Tenth. In Revelation ch21& 22 there is final vision of the Apocalypse. In it we see the Endless Kingship of the Lamb amid the new heaven and new earth and the transfigured saints with Him THERE in eternal glory.

Hallelujah for the progressive doctrine of the Lamb.

Let us remember again how we ourselves are saved through the shed blood of Jesus the Lamb of God, let us exult yet more gratefully that the “precious blood” shed on Calvary still cleanses from all sin and brings eternal salvation.

God bless

-Michael Whitehouse