Let’s go back to the garden of Eden, Genesis 2v17 God tells Adam the day he eats of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the day he shall surely die. He ate, did he die? No. Is God a liar? No. So what died? Body? No his 5 senses were still working. He was world conscious. Was it his soul? No. His mind emotions and will were still functioning. He was still self conscious. So his spirit; his intuition, conscience, communion, his God consciousness died. Death is separation. Man’s spirit needs quickening, made alive, regenerated, born again to get back his relationship with God.

If we go to John chapter 3 we find Jesus in conversation with a religious Jew, a member of the Sanhedrin no less. From his conversation with Jesus we can see Nicodemus was spiritually dead. Jesus tells him he needs to be born again. Nicodemus asks how can these things be. Jesus’s reply is, ‘Art thou a master of Israel, and knowest not these things’? Jesus is saying you are a religious leader in Israel and you don’t about being born again.

This tells us then that people needed to be born again, saved in the old testament just as much as in the new testament.
People in the old testament believed in the Messiah that was to come. People in the new testament believe in the Messiah that has come. Both were and are saved through and by faith in the Messiah. Old and new testaments both point to the Cross.

Are you born again, has your spirit been quickened. This is the first step in a new life.

-Michael Whitehouse