Please read Gen ch5 vs 18-24, Heb ch11 vs 5. Jude vs14-15

In chapter 5 we are confronted with a book of genealogies of Adamo it makes plain reading until we come to verse 18 where we are introduced to the seventh from Adam, Enoch. The brightest star of the patriarchal age. Little is recorded concerning him, but this little is enough to make his name great among the saints. He was the first to walk with God, he was the first to please God, he was the first to be translated by God, he was the first to miss death, he was the first prophet to prophecy, he was the first preacher of the Lord’s coming, he was the first man to peach the coming Judgement. That is 7 first’s. He was a unique man in fellowship with God. He wasn’t a king or a prime minister he was just a man the seventh from Adam. Let’s look at this fellowship of faith.


First it was a walk with God. Notice it was a walk WITH denoting fellowship. Enoch didn’t walk independently of God but in dependence upon God same direction same speed in step-in harmony, see Amos ch3.3. Enoch lived in the conscious presence of God and in the centre of His will.

Second it was a walk that was Pleasing to God. We are told this in Hebrews chapter 11vs5. The day came that he was reconciled to his maker. The cause of this reconciliation was that he pleased God. How did he please God? The answer is in verse 6, it was through faith. Faith was the instrumental cause of his reconciliation. Saved by grace through faith


Jared fathered Enoch and when Enoch was 65 he fathered Methuselah, Methuselah means ‘when he dies it will be sent (the flood) Why did he call him that name? For the first 65 year nothing then suddenly he is walking with God. Surely Enoch had reached a crisis in his life at the birth of his son and God had spoken to him. That divine revelation is memorialised in the name Methuselah. From the time the child was born the world lost all its attractiveness for Enoch and from that time on, if never before, he walked with God.


How long did Enoch walk with God? Enoch’s walk with God continued just as long as he lived which was 300years, that’s 109,500 days, 2,628,000 hours. Did he live in a monastery? No, he had a hame, children, business, pleasures, joys and sorrows as we have, but he had an anointed ear to hear God a voice check out Psalm 27.8, he had a heart full of love, check out John 13:34-35, a will ready to obey, check out Acts 9.6, he had the enabling of the Holy Spirit, check out John 14:16. in that walk with God and all that talking all that listening there was a growth in grace, a growth in the knowledge of the Lord and there would be a deep settled joy and peace.


Enoch was born into a wicked world full of ungodliness (Jude ve15) and when Enoch was 65 God revealed to him what was to happen in the days ahead of him. The scripture says “faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. When Enoch walked with God his faith grew and grew and grew some more in God’s word tiee Jude verse 14,15. Enoch preached to the God less crowd and prophesied that judgement was coming that the Lord was coming with ten thousands of His saints to execute judgement upon all. So Enoch walked with God for 300 years. Al some time God must have told Enoch that he was going to translate him, because God took him by his faith Christian Where are we with our walk with the Lord are we pleasing to Him? is our faith in Him growing?

Are we in fellowship with the Lord?

God bless
Michael Whitehouse