John ch19 vs2and 3 says “And the soldiers platted a Crown of thorns and put it upon His head, and they put on Him a purple robe, and said, ‘Hail King of the Jews! and they smote Him with their hands”.

Here we have Christ on the point of making atonement for sin. He is wearing a Crown of thorns. When God first made the world there was no thorns nor thistles. They came into the world when sin marred God’s handiwork. From time immemorial thorns have been the emblems of man’s sin. Unwittingly, the soldiers crowned the Saviour with the emblem of the world’s iniquity, which Christ was to bear.

With the purple robe of royalty placed upon Him we have the picture presented of a king about to bear the sins of many (Isaiah 53:11).

The sin Christ was to bear must be revealed in all its enormity……….

  1. Sin is lawlessness, therefore did Pilate scourge the innocent one.
  2. Sin is transgression, therefore did Pilate set aside all the principles and statutes of Roman jurisprudence.
  3. Sin is iniquity (injustice), therefore did these soldiers smite that one who had never harmed a living creature.
  4. Sin is rebellion against God, therefore did Jew and Gentile alike maltreat the Son of God.
  5. Sin is an offence, therefore did they outrage every dictate of conscience and proprietary.
  6. Sin is coming short of the glory of God, therefore did they heap ignominy upon His Son.
  7. Sin is defilement, uncleanness, therefore did they cover His face with vile spittle.

The Lord’s hand had dispensed healing; their hands struck blows.His voice had spoken truth, words of cheer and comfort, they had reviled Him. His Holy soul overflowed with love and mercy; they were embittered, murderous, despicable.

The prisoner made no attempt either to remove the Crown by lowering His head, nor the robe by endeavouring to shake it from His shoulders. Both of these things were indicative of the purpose He came into the world for. He gladly bore His burden to the end.”He who knew no sin was made sin for us”

Extracts from John’s wonderful Gospel by Ivor Powell

God bless
Michael Whitehouse