In the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed.
In the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.
This is what we are told. Let us see if that’s true.
Let’s consider Noah’s Ark, Genesis chapter 6 and 7. The Ark was 450 foot long,75 feet wide, 45 feet high, 3 decks with a floor area of 97,000 square feet. Virtually Impossible to capsize – a floating barge – a Divine lifeboat!


Divine Provision

A Divine refuge to save Noah and his family from the coming wrath of God. Our Divine refuge is Christ, our Ark to protect us from the wrath of God. Who provided the plan for Noah’s salvation – God did. Who has provided plan for our salvation – God has.


Divine Protection

The Ark was to be covered with pitch within and without. A water proof covering to stop the wrath from getting in. The same Hebrew word for pitch is used in the Old Testament for atonement. The shed blood of the sacrificial animals was required by God as covering for the people to keep the penalty for their sin from them. The sacrificial atoning blood of Christ covers you when you are in the Ark of God (Christ).


Divine Invitation

The Lord said, ‘Come thou and all thy house into the Ark; for thee I have seen righteous before me’. In chapter 6vs14 it talks of rooms or more literally nests, for resting. The Lord says ‘Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest’. There was only 1door into the Ark. John 10 v7 Jesus said I am the door. Only one way in to escape the coming wrath of God, it’s through Christ. There was one window set above to let in the light. Look up to see the light. Who is the light of the world, Jesus Christ, look up.


Divine Security

God told Noah and his family to go into the Ark. It says in ch7v 16 and the Lord shut him in. They were safe and secure.
What does John’s first epistle ch5 v11 & 12 say ‘and this is the record that God hath given to us eternal life and this life is in his Son he that hath the Son hath life and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.
Are you safe and secure are you shut in with Christ?



As we can see God was providing for Noah’s salvation and I believe we can see the foreshadowing of the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ, who provided for our salvation. The question is ARE YOU safe and secure in Christ?
Remember in Christ, God does not forget you. See ch8 v1

God bless
-Michael Whitehouse