There is a true story of a Christian man taking his holiday in Scotland, he roamed across the hills one day and came upon a young boy in a field minding a flock of sheep. The Christian man sat bedside the boy and presently asked him if he knew the 23rd Psalm. Of course he did he was a Scots boy and went to church regular. “Then what is the opening sentence?” Said the man. “The Lord is my shepherd”, said the boy. “Say it again now, ticking off a finger for each word.” The – Lord – is – my – Shepherd.” Then came some earnest words from the Christian man, explaining how, by definitely accepting Him as our Saviour and LORD, we can have Him for our own. There and then, in that field, on that lovely quiet summer morning, the lad did, for himself “receive” Him (John 1, 12); and after the two separated, the shepherd-boy said the words over again, finger by finger, this time clutching hard at the fourth. The – LORD – is – MY – Shepherd”.

The succeeding winter was a severe one; and it so happened that one day the snow had fallen very heavily, and neither the boy nor his sheep came home — they were all caught and buried in a deep drift. When they came to dig, they discovered the bodies of many dead sheep, and presently they came on the wee laddie — quite dead, lying on his back, peace on his face, the fourth finger of his left hand grasped by his right hand. Such was his last thought, and such his hope for eternal years. What a difference MY makes to the sinner. We know that Jesus is the good shepherd, the great shepherd and the Chief shepherd but they are meaningless to us unless He is first of all — MY— Shepherd.

Question : can you say that He is MY Shepherd ?

Michael Whitehouse